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For about half of the album’s songs, I would not be surprised if the creative process involved repeatedly smashing a red game show buzzer with the word “BIG” written on it. Along with the record’s hackneyed interstellar theme, Spheres’ enormity sadly chimes with what space exploration has become in real life: another meaningless hurdle for the richest of the rich to hop over, a VIP escape hatch. “Humankind” leans on a series of hollow millennial whoops, in between plasticine Springsteen chords; all gesture, no action. “Higher Power” attempts to repurpose the coked-out ’80s sounds of the Weeknd’s Max-produced “Blinding Lights” for a band that once made a pact to fire any member who got into cocaine. Featuring the din of a chanting crowd, synth-pop filler track “Infinity Sign” seems solely designed to play in the background of a FIFA video game’s menu screen. But wait, it gets worse! “People of the Pride” is the roughest thing here, a midlife crisis jock jam where Buckland’s supposedly scuzzy guitar riff is filtered through what must be a plugin called “Dank Robot Fart.” In the song, Chris rails against a vague dictator figure who “takes his time” from a “homemade cuckoo clock” that he “makes us march around.” I think we can all agree authoritarian tyrants are bad, but so is this glorified Twitter rant.
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Thomas and Sara Mouton were alleged to have distributed steroids and other drugs they claimed counteract the side effects of steroid abuse between some time in 2018 and May 2019. The couple sold the drugs through the internet as well as through their personal relationships. None of those drugs had been approved by the FDA nor was the couple permitted to sell the drugs without FDA approval. Along with lacking FDA approval, the labels did not have adequate directions for use and did not contain accurate drug and active ingredient names. The court was advised that the couple had acted intentionally to defraud the FDA. “Thomas and Sara Mouton began by distributing steroids to their associates in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, but their business ultimately expanded through word of mouth to serving a couple of hundred clients,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Kaufman. “Individuals who defraud the FDA will be held accountable for their crimes.”

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