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Professors were purged, and “ unclean ” ones gave way to little-known instructors, among them bright graduates of the same university. Hossein, an Imam Sadiq law school graduate who also spoke on condition of anonymity, laments the changes. “The university witnessed its most brilliant years in 1995 and afterward because it invited the most competent professors from leading universities from across the country for teaching,” he said. “The professors were highly qualified while students were under less pressure both scientifically and religiously. One could even claim that, at the time, Imam Sadiq was the top university in Iran.” Over time, the university has sought to increasingly incorporate seminary courses into the academic curriculum. Today, almost all the academic departments at the university begin with the phrase “Islamic teachings”—for example, Islamic teachings and law or Islamic teachings and economics. To complete a bachelor’s degree, students have to show proficiency in the Arabic language and familiarity with Islam in addition to studying other foreign languages, such as English and French. What has remained constant is the collective identity fostered by the university and the deep-seated networks that link students to graduates across the political establishment. The friendships one develops at the school tend to be more important for one’s future career than one’s ideological beliefs. “Wherever there is any job opportunity, Imam Sadiq graduates support one another and invite university friends to grab the jobs even though basics they might have differences of opinion and views,” Mohsen said. One of the favored ways Imam Sadiq graduates have traditionally gained influence is through state radio and television stations, officially held under the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).